Friday, July 23, 2010

What exactly IS Poly 201?

Victoria Poly 101 has been active for over a year, many of us have found the need for a second group where those of us who have been living and loving polyamorously -- and who want to discuss topics in more depth as well as contribute actively to our poly community -- can meet and talk.

Poly 201 is a place to check in about "living" polyamory, discuss concerns, receive feedback, and celebrate happiness. Discussions will be in depth, sometimes being quite specific, and facilitation will vary within the group.

There is a Facebook group and everyone is welcome to attend discussions, but please remember that if you are new to or simply curious about polyamory, you may wish to attend a few Poly 101 meetings first to talk about "the basics" and get to know our community.  :)

Poly 201 meets monthly, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at Cabin 12 in Victoria, BC at 6 pm.  

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