Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 28, 2012, Victoria Poly 101 monthly discussion

Boundaries, rules, guidelines and wishes -- poly parameters parsed! 

Do you want a closed relationship? One that's completely open -- but only on Thursdays and Saturday nights? Do you want the same number of partners your partner has, exclusive rights to the bed but not the bathtub, a pony, and all the cake you can eat? 

Do you have some mad poly negotiating skillz, tips, tricks, and rules that you've found really work well to help all of you feel loved, secure and well-fed?

Come talk about poly rule-making, breaking and awesome negotiating on June 28th! 

Please bring a small donation if you can in gratitude for the use of the space at Camas. :)

* A note to newcomers:  you are not expected to participate in discussions, but you are expected to listen respectfully with an open mind. Victoria Poly 101 discussions are not dating events. If you're interested in poly dating events, please check with Kiki, the moderator, who can put you in touch with some of the poly dating venues in Victoria.

Time:  6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Cost:  Free!  (But please consider donating to Camas for use of the space)
Place: Camas Books: Corner of King and Quadra Streets, Victoria, BC