Friday, August 31, 2012

Replace your jealousy with comperson..

This bit about how to learn to replace jealousy with comperson from an article by Deborah Anapol in Psychology Today really seemed worth posting on here:

"However, since most of us have been raised with an expectation of jealousy, compersion is often an alien concept. Learning theory tells us that it's always easier to replace one habit with another than to just eliminate the first one. If you can't imagine feeling compersion instead of jealousy, you can try the following experiment the next time you feel jealous. Instead of focusing on your own discomfort and fears, try putting your attention on your partner. Think of the happiness, turn on and pleasure your partner may be experiencing and how your partner's good feelings will eventually be passed on to you.

Just having a concept that acknowledges that you have an alternative to feeling jealous can go a long way toward transforming jealousy."