Monday, March 1, 2010

March VP101 discussion: jealousy, compersion and more...

With this discussion we're getting back to poly basics to talk about feelings of jealousy, compersion, and how to deal with our own feelings and those of others. Self-knowledge and feeling good about ourselves is a big part of good relationships, but how do we get to that point?

Please come to discuss and share, if you like, your own stories about your feelings and experiences of polyamory.

** Note: we will continue to hold Poly 101 discussions at Camas Bookstore until May, 2010, but stay tuned for an alternate discussion venue in March/April **

"Jealousy, comperson feeling good about yourself and your relationships"
Time:6:30PM Thursday, March 25th
Location:Camas Bookstore, corner of Kings and Quadra streets

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  1. Hi. I'm really bad with remembering events. Would anyone care to text me on March 25 to remind me to come to this? Here's my number.



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