Monday, May 5, 2014

May 101 discussion: "You've got some explaining to do!"

Have you ever felt uncomfortable, confused or choked up when trying to explain polyamory to someone for the first time? Whether that person is a potential lover, a family member, a friend or someone at work, poly people do often find themselves in situations where we need to explain what, exactly, poly is in the context of our lives. This isn't always easy, but getting ideas from others who have been there can help. Come talk about challenges, strategies and other fun aspects of explaining poly to people!

Place: Camas Books, Quadra Street across from Fairway (near King Street) in Victoria, BC, Canada
Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Cost: free! (But please donate to Camas for use of their space if you can afford to do so)
Rules: Be respectful of the views and privacy of others, listen and as well as speak and ask questions if you're not sure about anything. Newcomers are welcome and encouraged to attend, as long as they join in the spirit of the discussion with an open mind. This is a safe space for all ages, and the event is not intended as a social or dating mixer.

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