Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What happens at a Victoria Poly 101 discussion? A guide for first-timers:

For first-timers, here's the format of the discussion:

Starting promptly at 7, I'll ask everyone to introduce themselves and say a few words about what brought you to the discussion (this is optional, except that we'd like to have some kind of name to address you by and your preferred gender pronoun). 

I'll provide a brief introduction to Poly 101 and Camas, and then we'll look at the posted topic. If you have a question about polyamory that's not related to the topic, we may have time for it at the end of the discussion. I'll provide a question jar for you in case we have a lot of them.

Around 8:30, I'll wrap up the discussion and we can take a look at any outstanding poly questions.

At 9 pm, I'll do announcements about upcoming events, and then it's possible that some of us will go out for further discussion and social time at the local restaurant or the local swimming pool. 

I look forward to meeting you all at Poly 101!

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