Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Victoria Poly 101

January 24th is the next Poly 101 discussion at Camas Books, 2620 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC.

Please note that we have a new start time of 7:00 pm, which I hope will make it easier for people to get there from work or class.

Please bring a donation, if you can, to Camas for their support in letting us meet every 4th Thursday of the month.

Aaaaand... this month's topic is:

Talking about being polyamorous: challenges, stereotypes, roadblocks, and resources.

Do you struggle to explain polyamory to your friends, family or potential dating partners? Have you ever had to overcome feelings of guilt or discomfort related to stereotypes about having more than one partner? How much information is appropriate to share with other people?

Come share some ideas for how to talk about polyamory to people who might not know what poly is, or how important it is in your life.

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