Thursday, August 11, 2011

So many poly sites!

This list was compiled by Joreth, whose website can be found here.

Poly Collection Sites! Find poly therapists, movies, music, books, groups, events, clothing, news articles, conferences ... all in one place! Well, one place per topic :-) These websites rely on user submissions, so if you know of something that's missing, let me know!

Poly-Friendly Professionals:​fp/main.php
Poly Groups:
Poly Local Events:​polyeventsallover
Poly Conferences:​/
Polyamory In The News: http://polyinthemedia.blogspot​.com/
Poly Movies:​olymovies.html
Poly Music:​olymusic.html
Poly Books:​lybooks.html
Poly clothing & jewelry: http://polyinthemedia.blogspot​.com/2010/04/poly-jewelry-clot​hing-and-other.html

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