Monday, December 20, 2010

Images from "What is Polyamory?" a panel discussion

I thought it was time to post a few pics from the highly successful and educational poly panel discussion that took place at UVic in November, 2010.

Cherish, Zoe and Quintus (speakers) and Cora (panel moderator)

Brad, Kiki and Captain (speakers)

Monday Magazine's article on the panel (Q & A)


  1. I know in my guts this is the way we should be. A few hundred years of control topped off by my upbringing allows me to marvel at the strength of this wonderful idea. The power of love is not unbroken. That you young people have the confidence to speek openly is magic. I support your vision 100%
    But there is a dark side, this side is not much different from singular love, except there will be a witness! ha! ... they suspect us of what they are doing behind closed doors..poison to avoid
    I marvel at what you are doing to create a world of open love..

    my name is Ross

  2. I've openly spoke in support of this idea of polyamourosity for most of my adult life. Having been involved in a number of relationships of that dimension I find this little blurb of blog highly "in tune". Those of us who delve into this issue may or may not realize the depth with which monogamy has been implanted in our psyches due to a number of factors including ardent efforts to control entire populations through christian dogma.....but the ideas founded on the issues of permanent one-on-one relationships just do not stand up to scrutiny for the bulk. Its far too easy in the human condition to stay in a pattern of seeking security and that is the reason humans are so easily 'herded' by what I call "messianisms". Those of us who comprehend the idea of a creative force being non-exclusive also can understand the limited concepts of specific incarnations for restoration. Most metaphors in religiosity, once understood in relation to their time of origins, have little to do with modern applied meaning. They are justification for acts of specific and collective mentalities rather than definitive of a non-exclusive source. Personal relationships can exist quite productively built on multiple partners but they, like every relationship, will take serious effort in times of heightened sensitivity due to the chemistry of separation anxieties. Once separation anxieties are properly tracked and recorded by those involved their causual effect can be moderated by the support from bases of idiosyncratic differences in approach.


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