Saturday, May 29, 2010

We need your opinion!

Policy consultations: going interactive

The Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association is creating policy statements, and we need to hear from the polyamorous community.

We know Canada’s polyamorists don’t want to be criminalized. We don’t know what else they believe. We need to create a “platform” for the CPAA: positions beyond the Section 293 litigation, as well as positions that my influence how we conduct that case.

We’ve just activated our new forum system. There are forums for several policy concerns. Some of them are subjects we discuss a lot among ourselves. To get everybody else talking, too, we’ve put up some preliminary draft position statements. To keep everybody focused, we’ll open them for discussion one by one.

We’re starting with our “fundamental position”. We believe it should probably be along the lines that monogamy and polyamory should be treated equally. Tell us what you think!

The statements in the forums are very early drafts, not adopted by the CPAA, sometimes controversial among our volunteers, possibly full of mistakes, and definitely subject to change. We’re inviting comment now, early in the process, because we’re committed to hearing from those we represent. To do that, we have to give you raw drafts; if we had polished, finished statements, it would be a show, not a consultation. Please remember that these are not our positions; they’re just suggestions from some of our volunteers.

It’s possible we’ve missed some issues. If so, let us know. The best way to do that is to post in one of the forums we’ve set up for feedback about the CPAA. By the way, we’ve set up forums for feedback about the CPAA.

Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association

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