Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Poly 101 updates

We had a great discussion last month on happy poly moments -- many thanks to those of you who attended (some of you for the first time!) and hey, we missed you! -- to those of you who couldn't make it.

At the September's discussion...

We talked about adding a second monthly get-together, on a different night from our regular "4th Thursday @ Camas" so that people who had other commitments could attend. It was agreed that this second night should be a bit more of a social event (though still with a Poly 101 theme -- perhaps starting out with introductions and a poly-ice breaker) and will probably take place earlier in the month, on a Friday. Several group members volunteered to take turns hosting at their homes, so this will likely be a "floating" event -- stay tuned here on the group for details each month!

THIS month (October) we are thinking of having our social event later in the month, 'cause, well... it's Halloween!! There will be costumes and dancing!

The next Poly 101 discussion at Camas is, I *think* scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 22nd, but I have not yet received confirmation from Camas on that date.

Oh, and the word is just in from the Kelowna Poly 101 group that they had a meeting this last week and two new members attended -- way to go, Kelowna!

Happy October!


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