Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Upcoming poly workshop: Polyamory and Social Activism

A Series of Community Celebrations
@ 26 Linden Avenue; West Coast Salish

Saturday August 8th
(come early for the workshops! we won't start over)

2pm-4pm -- Polyamory and Social Activism
4pm-4:20pm -- Snack 'n' Slack
4:20pm-6pm -- tba
6pm -------- POTLUCK -------- 6pm
6pm-7:30pm -- tba
7:30pm -- !!EARLY LIVE SHOW!! -- 7:30pm

Revolutionary Rap & Hip Hop (fr London, ON)

The Peoples Poets
Revolutionary Hip Hop (fr Edmonton, AB)

The Outspoken Wordsmiths
Beatbox Harmonix & Subversive Spoken Word (fr Victoria, BC)

& more tba

"Community in Action" is a series of free 'all-day' festivals, comprised of free workshops, lectures/discussions, arts'n'crafts activities and more!
All events will be free and open to all ages
donations encouraged and rewarded
Free food and good music too!

The Linden House has been home to local activists since 2002. From day one, it's original tenants intended for the space to be used in a communal manner, and it has, for six years and counting. From hosting free workshops and live shows, to housing travelers and couch surfers, serving as a kitchen for Food Not Bombs and participating in other food security initiatives, the Linden House has rooted itself in the local community.

To celebrate the Linden Houses continual community involvement we are hosting monthly events centered around sharing space, food, music, skills and ideas.

-------------------- 2pm-4pm ----------------------
Polyamory and Social Activism
facilitated by Kiki Christie

Intimate relationships are the foundation of family, community and of society as a whole. When we deconstruct pre-programmed ideas of how we relate to each other on an intimate level, eventually we change the way we feel and act towards everyone we relate to.
Polyamory -- the practice of openly and honestly loving more than one person -- poses challenges for personal growth and communication that can also create an ideal background for challenging traditional relationship structures and set the stage for sex positive culture and social change

As polyamory becomes increasingly public and politicized, we are in need of a new relationship model that is distinct from monogamy that still demonstrates the values of love, commitment and security. Through practicing polyamory while being conscious of how we speak about and act towards everyone we relate to, it is possible to bring polyamory into the public world in a way that both celebrates the unique aspects of poly while demonstrating skills that are of value to everyone.

This workshop will examine how the practice of polyamory can open our minds and hearts to creating new social paradigms of acceptance and self-knowlege, in particular how to balance intentional community with self-awareness and individual responsibility.

Kiki Christie is a polyamorous workshop facilitator and founder of Victoria Poly 101, a poly discussion group that focuses on issues around poly education and practice. She is also a sex positive writer and networker.

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